Feasibility & Business

Our aim in developing a feasibility study and/or business plan is to provide our clients with the confidence to proceed – or not – with their proposed investment.

At the conclusion of the study, our clients will understand the basis for our recommendations, which will have been formed from extensive market analysis and community consultation.

Our staff have strong business credentials, as well as sport and recreation facility management backgrounds, and we approach feasibility studies and business plans from these perspectives.

We believe it essential that community leisure facilities should be sustainable over the long-term. Armed with an understanding of our clients’ resources, and expectations for the facility, we will establish the best management and operating scenarios. We will also establish the areas of risk so that our client can model various scenarios and view the potential outcomes.

Additionally, ROSS Planning has significant experience in meeting the relevant legislative requirements of government agencies, enabling approval to be rapidly obtained.

Grant applications and lease renewals need to conform with the requirements of the agency if the application is to be successful. With our extensive local government and state government experience, we can write successful applications for our clients.





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