Active Transport Planning

Walking continues to remain the most participated in physical activity. As the population ages and the amount of time available to participate in physical activity decreases, informal, low impact activities such as walking and cycling will continue to increase in popularity.

Walking and cycling are activities that are relativity free to participate in. With the increasing costs of living, petrol and public transport, council’s are investigating ways to improve the walking and cycling opportunities in their local government area and encourage active transport options for shorter trips. By increasing the opportunities for people to walk and/or ride their bicycles, councils are also reducing congestion, particularly around schools and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

ROSS Planning understands that successful planning for active transport requires not only safe and quality infrastructure, but the changing of people’s behaviour and perception.

ROSS Planning believes in taking time to understand the opportunities and constraints of walking and cycling in the local community prior to making any signifi cant recommendations. Undertaking detailed route inspections and a thorough investigation across a number of criteria, ROSS Planning ensure that they produce balanced and optimal outcomes that address the physical and emotional barriers to active transport.




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