Community Wellbeing

Communities throughout Australia are experiencing increasing levels of physical inactivity, a major factor leading to an increased demand on community resources such as infrastructure, transport and health care. These trends have seen a greater dependency on government and taxpayers.

Community health, well-being and physical activity planning can assist decision-makers make informed choices in regard to policy, infrastructure provision and community funding.
Not all communities require the same level or type of well-being planning. Some examples of the different types of health and well-being services ROSS Planning offers are:

  • community health planning
  • physical activity planning
  • plans for target demographics (such as older people, children or youth).

ROSS Planning will facilitate a tailored approach to developing active and healthy planning for your organisation.

Through extensive understanding, experience and skills in the health and well-being arena, we will provide a holistic, over-arching framework encompassing feasible recommendations that support environments for active and healthy living.

Investing in the long-term and empowering the community through strategy and vision, we can help assist in community capacity-building. This, along with a reliable evaluation framework, will drive continuous learning and improvement.

Working closely with your organisation and the community, we are confident we can highlight and reinforce the positive relationships between active and healthy communities and improved social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes.





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